How To Add LUCK Token Into Trust Wallet

Before your LUCK tokens will be visible inside Trust Wallet, you will need to add Good Luck Token as a custom token. Whether you just traded your cryptocurrency for LUCK tokens, received some from a friend, or earned some by participating in one of our airdrops or giveaways – the tokens won’t be visible until you add Good Luck Token into your wallet. Thankfully, Trust Wallet has made this process quick and simple. Follow the steps below to add Good Luck Token into Trust Wallet and see your token balance under Tokens.

How To Add Good Luck Token Into Trust Wallet

Step 1. First, download the Trust Wallet app and install it. Then, create your account and launch the wallet on your mobile device.
Step 2. Next, find the icon in the top right corner which has two horizontal lines with circles around them and click it.
Step 3. A Search Tokens box will appear. Type Good Luck Token into the box and then click the Add Custom Token link.
Step 4. Enter the following information:
Network: Ethereum
Contract Address: 0x3fd9c817e0f1b9653beef770f8cd4251970395f7
Name: Good Luck Token
Symbol: LUCK
Decimals: 0

Step 5. Click Done in the top right corner.

Congrats! You’ve just add Good Luck Token into your Trust Wallet and once you receive your tokens they should be visible under the main Tokens menu.