About Us

You might be thinking that this cool token is owned and operated by some big business with engineers working around the clock to develop new technology for it. In fact, that isn’t the case at all. We’re just a young couple that happens to believe in good luck and wanted a unique way to share that luck with the rest of the world. Good Luck Token was created to solve a common problem that every superstitious person has – losing, forgetting or misplacing their good luck charm. By offering a digital way to own and store your good luck coins, you’ll be able to carry on with life knowing they’re safely resting inside your Ethereum wallet at all times.

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There were two very specific things we had in mind when creating this token. First, we didn’t want any decimals. Anyone holding a virtual lucky coin should get the entire coin and not just part of one. Also, we didn’t want this token to be mintable, mineable or burnable. There is a fixed amount of tokens that were created in our initial contract (888,888,888) and that’s it. There will never be more or less than that in total supply. Show your support for our project by swapping some of your ETH for LUCK here!

About The Creator

Andrew Wietlispach has over 20 years of experience in the IT and internet marketing industry. He first developed a passion for computers in the early world wide web days of AOL and Napster. His college years were spent writing bash and shell Linux scripts while expanding his knowledge in the world of domain names, website development, and Windows programming. Throughout his twenties, Andrew both started and managed two small web hosting companies. After spending several years in the hosting industry, Andrew decided to move on from web hosting and combine two of his passions (domain names and programming) into his latest project, DesktopCatcher. DesktopCatcher is an expired domain drop catching application used to automatically register expired domain names the second they become available for new registration. His domain drop catching software has been used by hundreds of domain investors and enthusiasts who have registered thousands of expired domains because of it. When the cryptocurrency boom began, it was something he immediately became interested in. Fast forward a few years and Andrew now has another project he will be adding to his portfolio: Good Luck Token.

Andrew Wietlispach
Creator & Developer